I am writing to both thank you and provide a testimonial of my counseling treatment.

I truly believe that I am living a much better life filled with good people and rational thinking. I have transcended ordinary thinking by having a clear understanding of social, sexual, and spiritual relationships with myself and others. This is a direct result of your counseling. I am familiar with repression based models of therapy and fail to understand how repressing sexuality could possibly fix or help anyone. Sexuality is not ingestible like alcohol or drugs. When people need help managing their weight they are not told to just stop eating and everything will be fine. They are taught to make better food choices. This is exactly what I was able to learn about sexuality from graduating your program, "Get Busy Livin".

Shortly after being convicted and sentenced 60 months of probation I was ordered to attend a sex offender counseling program. I called your office, and for the first time since being my conviction, I was treated with dignity and respect. I made an appointment for an initial consultation with Steve Ing. Again, I found myself in a place of comfort and understanding. I was placed in a weekly group counseling session.

Going to my first meeting was nerve wracking. Who would be the other people in this group? Vile sex offenders, mean ugly rapist, thug like child molesters were all of the thoughts going through my head. I could not have been more surprised. This was a group of ten men who were quite normal looking. Like me most of them had been living their everyday lives and for one reason or another just had a lapse in judgment or aloud themselves to get in a bad situation. These were everyday people from all walks of life, each with an interesting story to tell. Surprisingly the stories came with relative ease and ownership of the crimes committed. I am sure that I did not live up to this ownership and I know I was nervous about telling my story the first time.

During my time in counseling, there would be new people join the group and have the same reservations about laying it all out there for total strangers. However, we all came to understand that managing our sexuality as well as our career, friendship, and love lives is the real goal. After that talking about our crimes and sharing our most intimate details of our lives came easier. Receiving constructive criticism and the guidance of the men around me when making changes and adjustments to my new post conviction life has led to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Again, thank you for changing my life and the help and guidance you give to all of the men and woman in your program.

– Jason

When I left prison, I resented being forced into sex offender counseling by Parole and Probation. I had already participated in it for four years in prison and I wanted to leave it behind me. But after meeting with Mr. Ing for an hour, I left the office relieved and looking forward to counseling. You treated me differently than any other professional I had encountered. You treated me as a man, and it's the only time, post crime, that someone whose care I was under did so.

From that first meeting to my last therapy session with Mr. Ing, I have learned to take an active role in choosing a purpose and direction for my life. I approach my decision making more rationally and logically and now I allow myself to consider all my options and their consequence, and how they relate to my values and goals, before making a decision.

In short, by treating me as a man, you have helped me develop into a more mature man, one whose life is balanced through coordinating my thoughts and actions so they align with my values and beliefs.

– John

I entered the sex offender treatment program with Ing Counseling in 2003 and graduated successfully in 2005. Through working the program I gained valuable skills and insights into my life and into my sex crime, an event which was – and is – a culminating calamity in my life thus far. Working with Ing Counseling helped me deal objectively with my sex offender status.

Ing Counseling provided me ways to enrich my life in the areas of career, friendship and love – all of which are areas of living that men urgently need and want success. This approach to living has fostered, encouraged and helped me to earn again the trust, confidence and caring of family and friends. As a result I now live life well and focus on honorable pursuits and reasoned aspirations.

– Tony