Learn to achieve success in friendship, career and love.

Happiness can be measured when looking at three overriding aspects of a person's life: Success with career, success with friendship and success in love. During the time leading up to their crime, most sex offenders are traditionally failing at two, or more than likely, three of these. If a person is unemployed or unhappy in his career, if he has no real friends and is isolated, and if he is without love or, just as bad, in a miserable relationship, he is at risk for depression, drug and alcohol abuse. When there is depression and alcoholism, a person is not thinking clearly and a perfect storm occurs when he acts out in a sexually criminal manner. In contrast, people who have a career they love, genuine friendships and are in a happy, loving relationship, they simply have far too much to lose to engage in such regretful activities.

The answer?
We believe prevention is the key. We believe trying to head off bad behavior before it manifests itself in a criminal act. We believe in education. We believe in compassion. We believe we can help. And we believe it all starts with success in career, success in friendship and success in love.