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Sex Offender Help is an on-line community devoted to helping prevent sex crimes by embracing a rational and even a loving approach to treatment of the damaged individuals who acted out in illegal ways. We are privately owned and operated. All in the larger on-line community are invited to read, contribute submissions and participate in bulletin board threads. When we say "all are welcome," we mean even those "haters" out there who are unable to participate rationally and simply wish to vent (see "Hate Mail"). Our participants include therapists, former offenders, those who have merely been arrested but have not been adjudicated, those who are guilty and those who are not guilty but whose lives have been turned upside down by horribly untrue accusations.

We welcome those who've come to accept responsibility for their behavior as well as those who are still in denial.

The whole purpose of this site is to aid in moving away from the highly politicized emotionalism exploited by those in public office, those in churches and those wretched individuals who just need someone to hate and think of as inferior to themselves. This sort of thinking about problems isn't rational and does nothing effective to help past or future victims; it is merely an exercise in ego.

Instead we believe that only a long term rational, detached conversations help lead us to understanding and therefore allow us to both treat and to prevent sex crimes.

If in reading this "About Us" section you come to believe that "Us" includes all of us, the speakers and the silent, the haters and the hopeful, the helpless and the ego-driven, then you would be correct. We welcome you to the conversation.