Sex Offender Help

Sex Offender Help: A new model for rehabilitation.

Welcome to a site you may not have realized existed. As you can see, it does. Most importantly, we're here to help. We're certainly here to help you, but your family and those people close to you as well. We've been working to prevent sex crimes for 20 years. We know what we're doing.
"I truly believe that I am living a much better life filled with good people and rational thinking." – Jason

Our mission.

We help you in your recovery from destructive behaviors that brought you into conflict with society. In helping you recover and become a vital part of the community, we hold fast to four fundamentals as essential:
  • Respect for you, your gender and your sexuality
  • Help for managing your sexuality rather than being managed by it
  • Encouragement to embrace normal human sexuality with all its diversity
  • Adherence to a holistic approach to treatment–emphasizing success in friendship, career, and love.